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10 Tips for a Healthy Balanced Body

We all have something in common, we all have a body. The fundamental difference is that we all treat our bodies differently, sometimes without any thought as to how it will affect us. Here are a few tips to help you keep your body balanced:

1. Maintain a healthy Varied Nutrition Plan

One of the key areas we all have within our grasp to change is our diet & nutrition. In order to maximise our potential and for everything in our body to work in harmony, we need to feed our body everything it needs to achieve that potential. Ensure you eat a healthy balanced and nutritious diet full of nutrient dense foods to ensure you give your body everything it needs.

2. Get Enough Rest & Recovery

Sleep is something we all sometimes take for granted, whether it is because we work long hours, go out and party all night or just generally don’t get enough sleep. In order for our body to recover and repair, whilst sleeping we need to reach the REM stage, this is where your body is able to repair, recover and rebuild. Ensuring you get eight hours of quality sleep every night will help you perform at your best.

3. Keep Focused In The Present

We cannot change the past and we can influence our future, but being focused in the present is where we can truly influence our future. Knowing your goals and focusing your efforts in the present moment towards achieving those goals is a powerful way to ensure you achieve your life goals.

4. Get Your Exercise Done!

Exercise is a key ingredient to living a healthy lifestyle in combination with a healthy nutritional diet. We all have issues when it comes to a fitness plan, “ I don’t have the time” “ I will do it tomorrow”. We don’t like the thought of having to exercise to be healthy and that is normal. So follow a different thought process, just get your exercise plan done, whether it is 6 days a week or 1 day a week. Get it done and forget about it!

5. Exercise Your and use your Mind

We focus a lot on exercising our body but sometimes forget that our mind also needs exercising. The human brain is amazing and it should be exercised as regularly as you exercise your body. Learn something new everyday, challenge your mind to progress and utilise it to it’s maximum potential.

6. Mediate And Use Self Reflection

Meditation may seem a little far fetched but allowing your mind to relax, allowing yourself the time to release the stresses of the day is key to ensuring that you maintain a healthy state of mind and body. Self reflection is a great way of evaluating how we progress, how we can do things differently, a way of improving ourselves and a means to ensuring constant progress.

7. Build A Positive Support Network

The key to progress is surrounding yourself with a network of positive people. This could be friends, family and business associates. The key here is to ensure that you eliminate the negative influences in your life. Achieving your weight loss goals, life goals and achieving what you want in life is not made easier by all the negative comments that come our way. Ensure that you exclude any negative influences from your life, you do not need it.

8. Laugh Live & Be Happy

Live a healthy happy fun filled life. Laugh when you have the opportunity, enjoy your life and abolish stress and be happy, give your body the freedom it deserves too express itself and relieve the burden of stress in your life.

9. Filter Out Your Negative Thoughts

Managing your negative thoughts on a daily basis can be a challenge but it is something worthwhile. The world is full of negativity and we do not need the extra negativity in our thoughts. Remaining positive can be hard but being able to banish negative thoughts from our minds, filtering out the negative is fundamentally important to your success , believe in the positive aspects of your life not the negative.

10. Be Sure To Deal WithYour Emotions

Emotions are part of being human, but not dealing with them can be damaging. What do you think is happening to your body if you do not deal with any stress or emotions you may have? Manage your emotions, deal with them as they occur and make sure that you do not stuff them deep down inside yourself!


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